Did You Know?

Bagged vacuums hold up better over time than bagless models.

Upright canisters are the best option for cleaning carpet. Canisters work more effectively when used with the hose attachment to clean baseboards, stairs, crevices and
hard-to-reach areas.

Air flow and suction are essential for best sweeper performance.

Amperage is just a measurement of electricity; it does not determine the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner.

Because rubber stretches out, vacuum belts should be changed once every six months to a year.

Carpet cleaning powder products found at the supermarket are bad for vacuum cleaners. The powder is too fine and can choke the vacuum’s engine motor.


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about us

C&L Vacuum is a Peoria family business serving Central Illinois since 1969.

An authorized dealer for several high-quality manufacturers, we sell 100 sweeper models from Eureka, Miele, U.S.-made Simplicity and 15 other top brands. We also perform top-notch vacuum cleaner warranty work and repairs in-house, stocking plenty of parts to ensure lightning-fast turnaround time. We do everything we can to minimize the wait for repairs.

At C&L, we take pride in the knowledge passed down through our family since before our store even opened decades ago at our Knoxville Avenue location. Performing all service right here in our shop ensures quality control and gives us even more in-depth knowledge of the sweepers we sell. Randy and Josh are a two-man family team who will put their service and sales experience to work for you.

Our customers can count on us to help them choose the perfect residential, commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners for their homes or businesses. Area residents and business people appreciate the opportunity to shop at a local, family-owned and -run Peoria business. The chance to take a look at our collection of antique sweepers is an added bonus for grown-ups and children alike.

We are proud to have been acknowledged for our complaint-free service by brands for which we are an authorized dealer. The Peoria Better Business Bureau has granted us an A+ rating, and we strive every day to earn the recognition we’ve received. From preventive maintenance and repairs to sales of the top sweepers, parts and accessories, C&L vacuum is committed to preserving the family legacy of quality and dependability.

For 44 years, Central Illinois has counted on C&L to provide quality vacuum cleaners and repairs for their homes, schools, churches, cleaning services, retail environments and office spaces. With over 50,000 vacuums sold, C&L is also the largest downstate vacuum sales and service dealer in Illinois.